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I’m dying

I’m dying


my man joey


TRACK: Dirty Girl

ALBUM: Felt 2: A Tribute To Lisa Bonet

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the legend lives on

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I’m still trying to understand when the use of deadly force became the first option for law enforcement.



bruh im googlin some random shit right. i typed 4 letters and my quick results turned into a whole nother language some arabic shit. i clicked it and i seen the heaviest flex i ever seent


look as this shit

this nigga squattin on a mercedes sls wit a lion behind a lamborghini gallardo 

yes flex zone

ARTIST: Craig Mack

TRACK: Flava In Ya Ear

ALBUM: Project: Funk Da World

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ARTIST: Mobb Deep

TRACK: Shook Ones Part II

ALBUM: The Infamous

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Gone off Ciroc chilling with the fam…who down for Village Inn tonight?